Swapnakoodu.com : The first Malayalam web portal on Architecture and Kerala Real estate

A home could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It could mean health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. Through very many things that could make your home simply the most beautiful place on earth.

Swapnakoodu.com is the first Malayalam portal providing all necessary information regarding the construction of a house. In fact, the first web magazine on architecture in Malayalam.

Swapnakoodu.com will indeed be a delight to the prospective home maker. Because, it easily provides all necessary details about almost everything starting from raw materials to sophisticated and stylish building accessories.

Who is it for
Swapnakoodu.com is for the intelligent and educated new generation Malayalees, who have enough exposure to the good things of life. The middle class, the elite and affluent, who are tuned into the modern style of living. Those discerning target who dreams of owning a beautiful house/ apartment/ villa, combining cost and aesthetics. Class and convention.
Swapnakoodu.com is for all who have a dream home at heart.

What is it for
Swapnakoodu.com is intended to operate as a resource magazine for all requirements regarding the construction of a home. Specific details on lighting, painting, structuring and positioning, authentic articles on Vaasthu and related subjects, features on the exterior and interior designing, gardening etc will be carried on a regular basis. It will also include features about the masterpiece of leading architects, interior designers and exterior designers with details and nature of their work. The information provided will be current and updated periodically, so as to promote and provide whatever that is in vogue.
Also, the advanced property search makes it easy to spot property or house anywhere in Kerala. To be precise, your dream home is at your finger tips.

Who does it reach out to
Swapnakoodu.com will be reaching out to every prospective home maker, architect, engineer, real estate dealer and businessmen, involved in the construction business. The portal also intends to bring out an e-brochure, which will be sent to the discerning target.